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Stephen Jeanetta

Portrait of Stephen Jeanetta

Associate dean



University of Minnesota Extension
433 Coffey Hall
1420 Eckles Avenue
St. Paul, MN 55108



  • B.A., International Affairs, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
  • M.S., Community and Regional Planning, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
  • Ph.D., Adult Education, University of Missouri-St. Louis

Work experience

Stephen joined Extension in 2020 as associate dean for the Center for Community Vitality. Prior to joining University of Minnesota Extension, Stephen was an Extension professor in rural sociology and the community development education director for the University of Missouri Extension. He also served as director of Missouri's Cambio Center, which conducts interdisciplinary research and outreach related to Latinos and changing communities. Stephen's own research has focused on the dynamics affecting community change, and developing a better understanding of the factors that influence how communities integrate new populations.

Stephen has extensive experience leading programs that foster development of community-based organizations, inclusive communities, and community planning and engagement. His community development background includes work in both rural and urban areas in Missouri, the broader Midwest, and internationally, including Mexico, Guyana, Germany, Kenya, Canada and Brazil.

Affiliations, honors and community service

  • Treasurer and Board of Directors, Community Development Society (2011- 2017)
  • Secretary and Board of Directors, Nonprofit Missouri (2010 – 2015)
  • Executive Director, Missouri Chapter of Partners of the Americas (1998-2016)
  • Awards: Current Research Award, Community Development Society (2012); National Association of Community Development Extension Professionals: Distinguished Service Award (2008); University Extension Community Resource Development Association Distinguished Service Award (2007); Community Development Society Community Development Achievement Award (2006)
  • Memberships: Community Development Society, National Association of the Community Development Extension Professionals, International Association for Community Development, Rural Sociological Society and Partners of the Americas

Selected publications

  • Rosenbaum, R. P., Li, W., & Jeanetta, S. (2020). Hispanic-serving institution host communities and Latinx community developmentJournal of Business Diversity20(2).
  • Rodriguez-Alcala, M.E., Qin, H., and Jeanetta, S.C. (2019). The role of acculturation and social capital in access to health care: A meta-study on Hispanics in the U.S. Journal of Community Health, 44(6), 1224-1252.
  • Littrell, Doris, Littrell, Don, Iftekar, A. & Jeanetta, S.C. (2019). Practicing Community Development, second edition, University of Missouri Extension, Columbia, Missouri.
  • Jeanetta, S.C. & Payne, L. (2017) University-community partnerships: reflections on an 18-year community-based education collaboration, (Eds) M.J Harkins, Z. Barchuk & R. Collister. International Conversations of Teacher Educators: Collaborations in Education. Faculty of Education, Mount Saint Vincent University, 53-71.
  • Jivetti, B., Jeanetta, S.C., Grigsby, M. & Gilles, J. (2016) Sustainable development on a timeline: Lessons from the 2015 millennium development goals and the agriculture sector of the Sauri millennium village in Sauri Kenya, International Journal of Development Research, 6(4): 7565-7574.
  • Grigsby, M., Jeanetta, S.C. & Jivetti, B. (2015) Benefits and challenges of micro-enterprise participation: Women’s cottage industry in Kaimosi, Kenya. Development in Practice, 25(8) 1146-1159.
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