4-H clover 4-H Entomology Project

What you'll do

Entomology is the study of insects. There are WAY more insects on earth than there are people. Butterflies, dragonflies, bees, cockroaches, bed bugs and flies are just a few. Insects play a big part in our earth's ecosystem and food supply.

You can study one species, pollinators, threats to insect survival, diseases transmitted by insects or even how insects can be used to solve crimes!

What's a 4-H project?

Levels of learning


Cool videos

Behind the scenes at the U entomology lab

From pollination to bedbugs to life cycles - Who knew entomologists did so many things?

U entomologists answer your questions

Which insects are the best pollinators? Can birds or lizards be pollinators?

Entomology playlist

See our playlist of insect videos on Youtube. 

Extending your learning


Fairs & exhibits


Future study and careers

You could study entomology, biology, environmental science or another natural science.

Entomologists may work with animals, with crops, in a forestry company, as exterminators, in forensics or in a laboratory.

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